💌 An Email to Friends About the Enneagram

Dear Sister,

Would you please pray alongside me for the Church?

This prayer request is specifically regarding the Enneagram and it’s surprising impact upon numerous hearts. You see, while the Enneagram is marketed primarily as a personality assessment…there is more to it than our friends realize. Please allow me to explain…

When the nine-pointed shape was designed around the turn of the 20th century by early New Ager, George Gurdjieff, it was done with a Gnostic worldview in mind. Gnosticism is the belief that everyone is inherently divine (given a “divine spark”)…and that with extra help, someone can obtain “hidden knowledge” (gnosis) regarding that spark. This concept led Gurdjieff to create the shape as a way of gleaning secret wisdom particularly about the universe.

In addition to the shape, the Types were also formulated via practices that did not include God. In the late 1960’s, Claudio Naranjo, a Chilean Psychologist, derived the personality types via Automatic Writing…which is a form of Divination. This means that he was “channeling” and/or “dictating” information given to him via spirit guides, which we can also term, “disobedient spirits.” Why seek wisdom from these sources? The basic premise of this tool was to uncover what the New Age Movement calls the “True Self” or the “Divine Self.” A divine nature that (in their worldview) was given to all of creation…to God and Jesus, as well. Yep, they believe both God and Jesus were created beings.

Biblically, two major red flags jump-out at us here: 🚩First, the act of Divination is strongly prohibited by God in both the Old and New Testaments (Deut 18; Lev 19; Acts 16 & 19). Seeking guidance and wisdom through any spirit other than the Holy Spirit is dangerous…It’s putting oneself in a position to receive potentially harmful influence from that spirit. 🚩Secondly, we were not created equal with God, nor are we permitted to worship anything or anyone but God alone. These two red flags need to be taken seriously!

– Marcia Montenegro’s CANA (Christian Answers for the New Age) Facebook Page

The Enneagram was a tool hence utilzied as a way to discover one’s “True Self” that was masked by sin (their belief). Richard Rohr is someone who promotes this viewpoint. His book, “The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective” ushered an increased usage of this occult tool in the Emergent, now Progressive Christian Church (not Christian), and is now in Evangelical Churches. Per Marcia Montenegro, a former Astrologer (now Christian), there are now churches advocating that the Enneagram will help you know your “Divine Personality” and show you the “face of God.” Oh my...🚩

This is tragic. Rohr further teaches that we have never been separated from God but that we all have the “Universal Christ” within all of us. He shares that Jesus and the Christ were two seperate beings (Jesus created and Christ, Divine). Rohr claims that the Christ in Jesus declared that it was the way to God…and that Jesus showed us that way, by being an example. Rohr’s faith is that of both Panentheism and Perinnialism, not Christian.

To tolerate this New Age protocol under the premise of “entertaining different viewpoints,” is far from discussing end times eschatology, Calvinism and Arminianism, etc…Promoting the Enneagram is spiritual syncretism! And combining other spiritual worldviews with Christianity is not Biblical (click here for why)! Friends, slapping Bible verses upon a New Age tool does not make it Christian…No more than, per GK Chesterton, “standing in a garage makes someone a car!”

“What you tolerate today, you accept tomorrow. What you accept today, you embrace tomorrow. What you embrace today, you promote tomorrow.”

Hillary Morgan Ferrer, Mama Bear Apologetics

By this point of the email, you get my genuine concern…There are legitimate red flags for which to examine Biblically! As prayer warriors, we need to pray for our friends and family who are really immersed in this tool. They are not only placing their identity in a self-focused tool with a self-reliant gospel, but they are hearing unbiblcal information about God, Jesus, and their need for the cross. Gals, if Peter could get off-track and add to the cross (as recorded in Galatians 2), we all can and possibly will. Paul corrected Peter as we all should do… both by praying for one another and by sharing scripture (2 Tim 3:16-17). If you ever want to pray together about this or anything else, please do not hesitate to email me (gal220bkack@gmail.com)…I love you, ladies!! Thank you for praying!


“As Christians, it is important to investigate any new practice or teaching prior to use, and the Enneagram is no different.” – Dr. Chris Berg

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