Did Jesus Teach “Christ Consciousness?” (By Steven Bancarz)

What exactly is, “Christ Consciousness?” Below you will find an article written by Steven Bancarz, a former New Age writer and teacher, which not only provides a definition of Christ Consciousness but also includes a Biblical Perspective. Per his apologetics website, Reasons for Jesus, Steven gave his life to Jesus in 2015, and “has since been in full-time ministry after exposing the deception of the New Age movement.” It’s my hope and prayer that Steven’s post below provides the Biblical answers you need as to confidently answer the question provided in the title, “Did Jesus Teach Christ Consciousness?” Keep reading God’s Word (the Bible), Sisters…and by it, test everything that is said, and hold on to what is good! His, Mer

A brief answer to the title? No, Jesus didn’t.

Facebook Post written by Steven Bancarz:

March 1, 2022

Did Jesus teach Christ Consciousness? In the New Age, it’s believed that “Christ” references the I Am Presence within all things. Jesus is thus someone who became Christ by realizing His intrinsic connection to Source, and it’s claimed that His real teachings lead us to the state of Higher Consciousness that He obtained that we may be Christ too. Jesus taught us how to access our own divinity and live from the Christ Consciousness He accessed in Himself. I used to teach this myself, **but Jesus actually teaches something much different, and we can be sure of this for several reasons:

1) Jesus warned twice in Mat. 24 against those who claimed to be “Christ”, claiming this would be a sign of deception before the end of the age. “I Am Christ” is what many will say to deceive others. This teaching of Christ consciousness is not only absent from Jesus ministry, it’s something He warned of as a coming deception.

2) The promise of god-hood is the first lie told to man by Satan in the Garden (Gen. 3:3-5). Jesus came to “destroy the works of the devil” (1 Jn. 3:8), the first of which was to convince man they could become God. Jesus came into the world to clean up the mess that unfolded when people (Adam and Eve) were allured away from the truth into the pursuit of self-godhood.

3) Jesus says John the Baptist was the most spiritually advanced man ever (next to Himself), and John denied being “Christ” twice. If greatest man ever isn’t Christ and didn’t become it, then “Christ” is not a state of consciousness belonging to the spiritually advanced. Moses, David, Abraham, and every other spiritual giant in history couldn’t knock at John’s door. If John still wasn’t a Christ, than neither are we.

4) “Christos” in the Greek is used hundreds of times in the NT, and every time it references a person; Jesus. It never references an “it”, but only a “he”. This word is never used in a sense compatible with an impersonal force or a state of mind, or any other “it”. It is only used in just one sense; as a title for the personal Messiah. “Christ” is said to have died for our sins, been buried, and raised bodily from the dead. “Christos” is a personal word referencing Jesus, and never anyone or anything else.

5) The Bible tells us that we are not divine beings who can ascend to godhood. We are “but men” (Ps. 9:20), “men and no gods “ (Ez. 28:9), and “man and not gods” (Eze. 31:3). We are not gods with amnesia, and all those in Scripture who claimed to be gods were issued the death penalty by God (Acts 12:20-23, Eze. 28:1-10, Isa. 14:12-22). The Bible has a lot to say about the pursuit of Godhood, but only in the context of it being sin worthy of judgement.  

What Jesus really taught is that He is the divine Saviour, we are human sinners in need of redemption, that in His life, death, and resurrection Heaven has been earned for us, and if we repent of our sins and trust in Him we will receive the free gift of eternal life and be reconciled unto God.  

For more on this teaching of Christ consciousness from a Biblical perspective:

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