The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Me

“Then Laban and Bethuel replied, ‘This is the Lord’s doing. Our wishes are of no concern.’” Genesis 24:50

When Abraham was advanced in years, after Sarah had died and was buried in Hebron, he sent a trusted worker to Abraham’s homeland to find a wife for Isaac. Genesis 24 documents how the faithfulness of God greatly encouraged Abraham’s servant (head of the Abraham’s household), as well as explains why Rebecca left her homeland with a stranger…to marry a man she had never met!

When God leads, we should respond as Rebecca’s family had, “This is the Lord’s doing, our wishes are of no concern” (Ge 24:50). The will of God is always best, no matter if we understand the reasons in that moment. However, to follow God willingly and to trust His authority readily is not what the human heart desires, due to sin. This has been the case since Adam and Eve were deceived in the Garden. And yet today we find the culture magnifying the self-centered leanings of the heart more than ever, it seems.

Everything we see on billboards, painted shop windows, or listed on Netflix conditions us to suppose that our desires matter more than God’s. Everything is customized to fit what we think we need, pointing us inward instead of to God. These days if someone doesn’t have the correct personality trait for a role at church or as a spouse, than look elsewhere for fulfillment! After all, the world says, “You do you,” and “Follow your heart!” Subjective compatibility and worldly comfort has usurped the importance of trusting God’s Word and sharing the Gospel.

The most impactful moment of 2022 for me was looking up at a maple tree in our yard in the early fall and finally understanding, “This life is not about me at all.” It literally stopped me in my tracks. It most certainly felt counter-cultural, not to mention was contrary to what I was shown by the world for 49 years of life. To think that I don’t need to know my personality traits, nor to define who I am on social media was mind-blowing! Not to mention incredibly liberating!! All I cared about what was being His. Trusting God moment-by-moment was what I needed to do. Snd that was, and still is, more than enough.

Our sin nature does not seek God leading, but nor does it make following God easy. We learn from Rebecca’s family that our feelings shouldn’t override God’s purposes ever. They can catch-up later. Friends, “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world and everyone in it” (Ps 24:1). Who are we to think that we own the world and could lead better? So grateful for the mercy and faithfulness of God, who sent Himself as to take the punishment that we deserve. Only God could make a way back to Him. Let’s trust Him with everything!