“The Enneagram is the Face of God and the Body of Christ” by Marcia Montenegro

Friends, if the title concerns you immensely, please keep reading… Below is an article written by Marcia Montenegro regarding the Enneagram and how it’s advancement within churches is both misleading and unbiblical. Please take time to thoughtfully peruse this research in combination with watching the videos included at the end. It’s my prayer that this … Continue reading “The Enneagram is the Face of God and the Body of Christ” by Marcia Montenegro

Are You Weary? Don’t Give Up…

Friends, when hardships come (and they will), let’s not give up! But when I say, “not give up”…I’m not referring to us being stronger and more self-sufficient! That’s the opposite of what I’m exhorting here. Self-reliance is often the shovel which digs our pits! On the contrary, we need to abandon the authority we arrogantly … Continue reading Are You Weary? Don’t Give Up…

Biblical Sexuality

The following 2-hour video entitled, “There’s No Such Thing as a Gay Person,” features an in-depth discussion of Biblical Sexuality by Rosaria Butterfield, Christopher Yuan, and Becket Cook. Friends, the good news of belonging to Jesus is not a popular one. It is in complete opposition to the predominantly self-focused message of our culture at-large. … Continue reading Biblical Sexuality

Revisiting Hermeneutics

What is Hermeneutics, and why is it important? It’s my prayer that the article by GotQuestions and the teaching by Dr Walt Russell reinforce how fundamental these study guidelines truly are! Let’s open-up our Bibles and allow God’s Word to both renew our minds and guide our hearts…each and every day. His, Meridith The following … Continue reading Revisiting Hermeneutics

Proverbs 1

The following chapter from God’s Word can be found at BibleGateway.com. The NET translation (New English Translation) was utilized here as to provide ample footnotes. Friends, let’s keep opening our Bibles and trusting God’s lead. Only God is God…let’s trust and obey. Soli Deo Gloria, Meridith Introduction to the Book 1 The proverbs[a] of Solomon,[b] son of David, … Continue reading Proverbs 1

Homeschooling Without the Enneagram

#repost #homeschool #examine #enneagram https://youtu.be/k9Jo90cl7Io Origins of the Enneagram. < 10 minutes “As Christians, it is important to investigate any new practice or teaching prior to use, and the Enneagram is no different.”Dr. Christopher Berg Are you a homeschooling parent who is hearing about the Enneagram from women you respect and admire? You’re certainly not … Continue reading Homeschooling Without the Enneagram

Apologetics Conference

Are you interested in learning more about Christian Apologetics? Women in Apologetics (WIA) is hosting a 3-day conference June 9-11th in Boca Raton, FL! And it’s also available online! Included in this post is the promotional video for the event found on WIA’s webpage, a registration link, as well as a definition of Christian Apologetics … Continue reading Apologetics Conference

Scripture about Motherhood

Soli Deo Gloria - To God alone be the glory! ♥️ Proverbs 31:25-30Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come. She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the … Continue reading Scripture about Motherhood

Roe v. Wade: Biblical Perspectives

Sisters, this is such a crucial topic. One that not only needs, but certainly demands urgent attention. For this reason, included here are three wonderful resources with Biblical answers to the Abortion crisis we are facing as a nation…concomitant with the possible overturning of RvW. Below you will find an incredibly thoughtful article written by … Continue reading Roe v. Wade: Biblical Perspectives

What or Who is Leading Today? A Personality type, or God?

This is an abbreviated preview of a post yet to be written, but here it goes… Who is leading today? Are you focused upon and accommodating a designated personality type, or are you submitting every emotion and/or test result to the cross? Friends, what we focus upon can eventually consume us. And what consumes us, … Continue reading What or Who is Leading Today? A Personality type, or God?