God’s Got This!

This is a modified re-post of the “Come to Me” post from February 2021. Friends, have you ever been advised to “Follow your heart,” or encouraged with the phrases: “It’s always been in you,” or “You’ve got this!” Most often folks say these phrases as thoughtful exhortations meant to uplift and inspire. However, should we?? … Continue reading God’s Got This!

Studying Ephesians 4

With a pencil ✏️ or a highlighter, prayerfully read the following chapter in your Bible, marking these words as you go (Spirit, In Christ/Him, etc). And of course feel completely free to choose whatever corresponding colors you prefer. ☺️ Ladies, God lovingly gave us both the Old and New Testaments as to show us His … Continue reading Studying Ephesians 4

Leave it all in His Hands

joshtinpowers Flicker Over the past few years, our family has been on an wonderful learning adventure regarding plants (Botany). We have gleaned a great deal about God through this extended time of study, and one of those lessons has been witnessing how trees point to His faithful provision. Not only do trees add extraordinary beauty … Continue reading Leave it all in His Hands


Can you feel what the Psalmist is saying here? Sister, I sure can. Before God opened my eyes to who Jesus was and the love that He has for you and for me, I was gazing at life primarily through the lenses of "self-fulfillment." And it doens't help when the culture around us is viewing … Continue reading Refreshment

Keep Trusting

Feature photo: Harriet Tubman mural in Maryland by Michael Rosato A woman of authentic faith, not to mention unfathomable perseverance, Harriet Tubman repeatedly sacrificed her own comfort and safety for the benefit of others. (Phil 2:3) Her passionate exhortation to “keep going” gives us treasurable insight into her unwavering focus upon freedom. And although spoken … Continue reading Keep Trusting